Learning tracing alphabet game

Alphabet ABC Tracing

Looking for an engaging and educational preschool app to learn ABC’s, tracing and letter sounds?

We have put together the most effective methods to learn writing ABC & letter sounds for kids!


  • 26 colorful candy letter friends from A to Z and 52 egg toys to learning!

  • Letters A, B, C, D and E are absolutely free!

  • Fun ABC puzzles mini-game: Unlock your baby's imagination with simple tapping and dragging puzzles!

  • ABC surprise eggs: There's a sweet magic treat at the end of every puzzle, and inside, magical new toys!

  • Educational story clips: Genuine funny cartoons will help toddlers review, pronounce, spell and remember letters they've learned.

  • Pronounce the ABCs with phonics: Clear English voice-overs will have kids talking in English in no time!


red, blue, yellow...

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