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Animal Friends

Grrr Grrr Grrr!

Make friend with animals in farm, house, forest and river. Exciting?

The pet world education app let children learn each animals' name and sound, hatch animals egg, play time with animals in wild environment with so funny.


  • 24 pet animals friends of different categories (pets like dog and cat, farm animals including chicken, cow and pig, wild animals like monkey, lion and elephant and river animals like alligator and hippo) to learn.

  • 4 animal pets are free to play for children! Start learning with the first animal: pet cat, farm pig, wild elephant, river hippo.

  • 4 groups of pets in this education app: House pets, Farm animal, Forest critters and Jungle creatures!

  • Animal rescue for Toddlers: Feed them is fun, but games Whack A Mole mouse, Hatch the chicken Eggs and Brush the Alligator’s Teeth are wild fun!


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