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Color Bots

They are Candybots dwellers.

Cute, native and hyperactive, they are real children.

They will make you laugh!

  • Favorite: Be praised

  • Likes: Toy and candy

  • Dislikes: Scolded

  • Special talent: Insisting

  • Weakness: hyperactive

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Dark Bots

Naughty color bots will be invaded by darkness.

Stubborn, hot-temper and naughty but it's still just a kid.

Dark bots need a lot of attention and instruction to be a good child.

Don't get angry when they tease you!

  • Favorite: Joke

  • Likes: Bully Color Bots

  • Dislikes: Rule

  • Special talent: make everyone angry

  • Weakness: Choco

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Poppy is a Lollipop and a leader. Smart, kind and sensitive.

He loves experiment and invent things.
You can count on Poppy for honest advice, cleaning tips and the best books in town!

  • Favorite: Invent

  • Likes: Laboratory

  • Dislikes: Dirty

  • Special talent: Burn & break

  • Weakness: Easy to get sick

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Shie has a heart of gold and loves cute things.

Warm-hearted, optimistic and sweet, Shie is a Marshmallow.

You can count on Shie to make you smile.

  • Favorite: Collecting accessories

  • Likes: Gift

  • Dislikes: Scary things

  • Special talent: Elastic

  • Weakness: Unlucky less

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Cob is an adventurer. He loves eating everything.

Hyperactive, naughty and curious, Cob is a Candy Corn.

You can count on Cob to introduce you to new places, new foods, new activities and even new friends!

  • Favorite: Foods

  • Likes: Tease

  • Dislikes: Hungry

  • Special talent: Very fast

  • Weakness: Hasty and messy

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B'Gum is a day sleeper. He loves Sleep.

Silly, clumsy but good-hearted and easy-going.

B'Gum is a cute Gummy Bear.

You can count on B'Gum to make you peaceful.

  • Favorite: Sleeping anytime

  • Likes: Cozy place

  • Dislikes: Getting up early

  • Special talent: Absorb and bulge

  • Weakness: Snoring too loud

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Choco is an authentic hero! He loves singing Opera.

Dependable, laborious and downright.

Choco is a Chocolate bar with a missing bite on his head.

Choco will appear to protect you anytime!

  • Favorite: Singing

  • Likes: Shie

  • Dislikes: Bully

  • Special talent: Very strong

  • Weakness: Afraid of thunder

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