learning fruit kid game

Fruits Garden


Play, plant & grow 9 different fruit trees and make delicious food!

With cartoon story about growing of fruit's tree, kids can learn fruit benefits, how to grow their trees, making food recipes like apple juice, orange juice or jam and strawberry ice cream.


  • 9 types of fruits: pick, cook and serve 9 types of juice fruits, each with 3 different recipes! Apple, Strawberry, Cherry are free to cook!

  • Plant and care: Watch as seeds sprout into trees, and then bear fruit! It's magic! Fend off birds and bugs with fun, quick mini games that’ll help them learn real life tools.

  • Play and cook: Make yummy snacks and juice like ice-cream and smoothies with simple mini game recipes.

  • ABC surprise eggs: There's a sweet magic treat at the end of every puzzle, and inside, magical new toys!


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